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Flyball is a fun dog sport for any dog - regardless of age and size, provided your dog is fit and healthy.

Dogs can compete in Starters Competitions from 12 months old, and in Open Competitions from 18 months old.  In the UK, the governing body for flyball is the British Flyball Association (BFA).

Flyball is a team sport, 4 dogs run per heat, but you can have a team of up to 6 dogs ready to race.  The dogs race against another team in another lane, over 4 hurdles, retrieve a ball from the Box at the end of the lane and back over the 4 hurdles, then the next dog goes. The winning team is the first to get all 4 dogs to complete without any faults.  The jump height will vary between 7 and 14 inches, and are set at the height for the smallest dog in the team (known as the "height dog").There are competitions all year round, outside in the summer and indoors in the winter.

Your dog will gain points at each competition, which go towards Flyball certificates.  For full details, see the BFA's document here:  About Flyball

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